Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Three Delta dudes walk into Dubai and it’s really sandy, (how sandy is it) it’s so sandy that the game was changed…

Aside from the opening helicopter decimating scene Spec Ops The Line is a fairly generic third person shooter, at least that’s the impression that the demo gives. Spec Ops apparently sticks closely to that stand by tunnel of fun formula, move from point A to point B fire fight move again. We’re also treated to what is hopefully just a limited version of the game’s squad command feature. Your squad commands are limited to “attack that guy” and prompted actions that play like quick time events. What we can discern for sure form the Spec Ops The Line demo is that the game looks slick with specific attention being show to the lighting effects, a wise choice for a game set in the desert were it’s… sunny.

Giving an opinion based on a demo is a double edged sword. On one hand you can only base your opinion on what is presented to you. On the other we know we are playing a demo that must avoid spoiler territory and things must be held back for the retail release. Now that we’ve played both the Ghost Recon Future Soldier and the Spec Ops The Line demo, two titles that are in direct competition with release dates just about a month apart, the question is which third person shooter will get your money?

Spec Ops The Line hits store shelves June 26 2012.