Intergalactic travel is anything but easy in Spaceteam. Steering the ship is taken care of by the A.I so up to eight people can attempt to keep it from being destroyed by a supernova, along with other dangers from the final frontier. Threats like asteroids and wormholes are accompanied by your controls falling apart, oozing slime, or even catching on fire. Picking your crew wisely is essential if you want to get past Sector Ten and beyond.

Part of the difficulty of Spaceteam is the layout of everyone’s individual screens. Each player has their own console of controls to operate, but only receive instructions for the other players. Communication is key if you expect to escape the exploding sun that’s hot on your heels. The various controls used to keep your boat afloat range from the hard to pronounce to the truly bizarre. It’s not long before you’re yelling about Ectometers or Soaking the Ferrous Holospectrum. While there is no single player mode to speak of, having it would ruin the spirit of the game. Rather this is better as a party game with at least three players, as two can become far too easy until the later levels.

There’s nothing wrong with the game technically, so most of your fun counts on how much you and your friends can handle stress. The difficulty hikes up fairly quickly, and with more players this can lead to some loud shouting. The frantic nature of Spaceteam has to be experienced at least once which isn’t too hard since it’s out now for iOS and Android for free, with premium purchases available.