Forgive me for the brief review on SORCERY but I’m still nursing ‘magic wand fatigue’ and only typing with one hand.  Seriously though, Sorcery has been a long-time coming and feels like ‘the reason’ why the Sony PlayStation 3 Move controller exists.

In Sorcery you play as Finn a whimsical and curious young boy looking to get himself in trouble.  Finn’s tag-along is the mysterious Erline who’s a cat…. or really a young girl hiding in the form of a cat. Gamers use the PS3 Move Controller to wield the magic wand’s abilities and the standard PS3 Controller and/or the Move Navigation Controller to control Finn’s movement on screen.  The gameplay and button mechanics are overly complicated as you have to push buttons on both the Move Controller and also the regular PS3 Controller.

With the Move Controller you can cast spells, mend objects, open doors and chests and more.  The idea of casting magic with the flick of the wrist intrigues us but don’t expect to come away feeling like Harry Potter.  Sorcery’s story and pacing in the cut scenes is very slow — we had a difficult time trying to imagine the target demo-graph for this game.

If you own a Move Controller and a Move Navigation Controller then Sorcery is a good game to ‘show off’ the abilities to your friends and neighbors but would you continue to play the game after the demonstration is over?  The voice acting and story is not captivating enough to draw you in on its own merits so the ONLY selling point of Sorcery is the desire to play magic apprentice and flick your Move Controller at the screen repetitively.

Sorcery is available now as a Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive for only $39.99 — we’ve provided some gameplay (by Robert Welkner) for you to sample the experience!

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