Sony held their Tokyo Game Show Press Conference (2016) last night to reveal and show off trailers and gameplay for upcoming titles for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.  Probably the biggest ‘news moment’ was Hideo Kojima on stage who discussed his upcoming game Death Stranding and tried explaining how the game would connect everyone together and also will be open world and feature online elements.

Other news and announcements from Sony’s TGS Press Conference was from Square Enix who revealed a special edition PlayStation 4 (Slim) with an etched-in Final Fantasy 15 logo.  Fans of the Final Fantasy series may be wondering if a PS4 Pro special edition will also be on the horizon or not?

final fantasy 15

Koei Tecmo who is coming off some recent buzz with their Attack On Titan video game announced Musou Stars for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita which seems like an all-star mash up with their properties like Ninja Gaiden and others.


For those looking ahead to 2018 you can expect a release for Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link from Cygames and Platinum Games.  This title caught our eye due to the stylized fantasy and rpg-like graphics mixed with high impact action gameplay.


Sony PlayStation VR was showcased with a fancy sizzle reel of actors responding to games in extreme situations but one game that was more subdued was from Bandai Namco called Summer Lesson.  We’re not sure if this VR game will see a U.S. release but it appears to be all about you and your playful Japanese girlfriend in school who are maybe roommates and interacting with one another.  Since the trailer was all in Japanese we’re completely guessing on this game and hoping it’s not something completely over-the-top sexualized like the recent Dead Or Alive game.