Sonic Mania from Sega is just around the corner releasing for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on August 15, 2017. Sonic Mania is mostly a side-scroller in the style of the original Sonic games from the past where you can play as either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. Each character has their own special traits that factor into the game like Sonic can jump highest, Tails can fly and Knuckles can climb on walls. While most of the Sonic Mania video game is 2D action there are bonus areas that are in 3D which require a test of reflexes and/or memorization of patterns.

We had a chance to play Sonic Mania at a recent media event and came away impressed with the fun factor of the game and retro charm. Everything about Sonic Mania harkens back to the glory days of 16-bit sprite-loving excitement. There are numerous levels to play – each with their own challenge as some have deadly ‘goo’ to avoid and others poisonous waters. Creeps of all shapes and sizes are filtered throughout the levels and are always almost just out of reach to attack them but with clever timing and precision, you’ll be able to speed through levels taking them down one at a time.

Sonic Mania Preview Hands-On Impressions:

When Sonic Mania is running as a side-scroller 2D game it is fantastic and fun but when it goes into 3D sections for ‘bonus’ areas it falls short of exciting and becomes somewhat tedious. Thankfully, the 3D sections are only bonus areas and can be easily skipped without consequence – we suggest doing that at least for your first play-through of Sonic Mania. Be sure to check back for our full review of Sonic Mania coming soon!