One of my favorite characters in Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ was Private Daniel Jackson played by Barry Pepper.  In the film, he is an expert sniper – trusted and revered by the rest of his outfit and feared by anyone on the other side of his scope.  Sniper Elite V2 offers gamers the chance to be a full fledged deadly sniper armed with a rifle and the ability to pick off targets from miles away.

Had a chance to play some hands-on with Sniper Elite V2 and came away impressed.  The game is a treat for those who want a realistic authentic ‘caught in the middle of a war’ experience.  Sniper Elite V2 is set in World War II – you are a lone gunman with a variety of missions and targets to execute.  The development team at Rebellion has done an excellent job in making the environment come to life – using music and sound effects to bridge the experience of being behind enemy lines.

At the heart of the game is the ‘kill cam’ – if you can line up and perform an excellent sniper shot on the enemy then you will be rewarded with a slow motion X-ray view of the bullet passing through its victim.  Their ‘kill cam’ reminded us much of the finishing moves in Mortal Kombat where you could see the skeleton and bones being crushed – the impact and reward was about the same!

Sniper Elite V2 controls are easy enough to master – we would have liked more freedom with melee (you can only take down an enemy by hand if you sneak up on him) but once you got the hang of the mechanics it felt like a World War 2 version of Splinter Cell minus the high-tech.  Sniper Elite V2 will have a single-player campaign, co-op missions and multiplayer – we’ve provided an interview with Tim Jones the Head of Creative at Rebellion Video Games – enjoy!