We enjoyed Sniper Elite V2 a couple years back and are excited to see what becomes of Sniper Elite 3 later this year.  The same development team is back again for Sniper Elite 3 and we had a chance to preview the game at a private event earlier this month and watch gameplay from the ‘Halfaya Pass‘ level.  Gamers not familiar with Sniper Elite should know that this is not a ‘run and gun’ type of military shooter.  You are a lone-gunman with stealth and the ability to take out foes from far away.

Sniper Elite 3 looks to add many improvements like a graphics upgrade — it will be available on next-gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  Sniper Elite 3 will also take advantage of the next-gen controllers as for the Xbox One you’ll be able to ‘feel’ a heartbeat rumble on the triggers and on the PlayStation 4 controller hear a gun reload sound on the controller’s speaker.

Once again you are back fighting against Nazi as Karl Fairburne but this time instead of a city landscape you’ll be thrust into combat in North Africa during World War II.  Something much improved from the last game is melee combat — an area we desperately wanted more flexibility.  This time around you can punch, stab, kick an opponent when facing them (last time around you could only do this if you had the ‘drop on them’ from behind).  We’re not expecting many hand-to-hand combat situations but the option to be able to defend yourself with your hands makes the game feel more organic.

Also this time around health doesn’t re-generate automatically – so you’ll have to spend some time searching and saving up health packs.  Finally – we had a chance to see some of the new weapon combo dynamics put into action.  In Sniper Elite 3 you’ll be able to combine items like dynamite and a fuse to make a timed-bomb that will blow up while you are safely out of harms way.

Finally — for those who loved the killcam — we’re proud to say it is back and more intense then ever.  This time around not only will you be exposing human body parts but automobiles as well!  We can’t wait to see what variations on bullet-time killcam fun we can produce inside the game.

Sniper Elite 3 Dev Diary

Sniper Elite 3 Gameplay