We killed Hitler in Sniper Elite V2 — right?  Ahh well he’s back again ready to take the bullet in Sniper Elite 3 Hunt The Grey Wolf DLC mission.  This mission was previously a pre-order bonus but is now available for general purchase as an add-on for $7.99.

We played through the Sniper Elite 3 Hunt The Grey Wolf mission with a ton of stealth and a bit of long distance sniping.  The mission is basically about the same size/duration as one of the typical missions in the game.  The level starts you off outside infiltrating a base-camp and eventually leads you inside a small town/city where you can navigate the landscape through buildings, rooms and even roof tops.  The atmosphere of this level has an extra level of tension because ultimately you are setting yourself up for another ‘shot’ at taking out Adolf Hitler who is passing through.

If you’ve already completed Sniper Elite 3 then this is a great way to jump back into the game for another go-around and you’ll even find yourself patting yourself on the back a bit at all the tricks and things you’ve mastered while playing through the regular campaign.  The only hiccup we felt was a lack of ‘collectibles’ to find in the level – there are a few but not quick as dense as in the full-game levels.  The Sniper Elite 3 Hunt The Grey Wolf is a great add-on if you are seeking more to a fun game you already completed.

Sniper Elite 3 Hunt The Grey Wolf DLC Trailer