One of the greatest video games of all time The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (2011) is coming to the Nintendo Switch in November 2017. Skyrim was part of the Nintendo Switch reveal many months ago so nothing is a surprise there but recently we got the chance to check out the Switch version of the game in handheld mode as part of a Bethesda media preview.

We played Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch portable for about 20 minutes and it was very early in the game so it was difficult to tell much but we did come away impressed by this port. Graphics and the frame-rate seem overall smooth and visually Skyrim looks fantastic. It was nice to hear voice acting on the portable console and both the third-person view and first-person camera perspectives were easy on the eyes.

Skyrim Nintendo Switch Preview Final Thoughts:

Probably the only hiccup that came from our experience playing Skyrim handheld on the Nintendo Switch was the text and font size is still clearly made for TV viewing and can be difficult to read – especially holding the unit more than a couple feet away from your face. There was no way to test Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch docked so it is still a mystery how smooth things will run on the TV but if you are looking for a handheld experience with the game and hours of fun then it will be worth picking up!