Activision didn’t hold back with their E3 Expo 2013 booth this year and their setup for the upcoming game Skylanders Swap Force was very elaborate and fun for both new and old fans.  New Skylanders Swap Force toys were on display along with the game for anyone to play on the show floor.  There was also a Skylanders Swap Force wheel that could be spun to win a special E3 Expo variant Hot Dog toy.

Skylanders Swap Force is being developed by a new team and has ramped up the graphics and design dramatically.  The main hook of the third game in the franchise is that figures will be able to ‘swap’ body parts – the top of one figure can go on the bottom of another making there over 250 combinations of swappable toys to play the game with.

At the E3 Expo Activision revealed some new  toys for the upcoming game in Riptide, Pop Thorn, Rattle Shake, Spy Rise, Fire Kraken and Gorilla Drilla — we were able to showcase these figures along with an interview with Guha Bala from Vicarious Visions who explained them in great detail.

Skylanders Swap Force E3 Recap