It’s official the next Skylanders game will be called Skylanders SWAP Force developed by Vicarious Visions the team behind the last two Nintendo 3DS Skylanders games and the Skylanders iOS games.  Skylanders Swap Force will be a brand new game adventure taking place in the Skylanders universe on an island called Cloudbreak.  There will be 16 new ‘Swap’ figures that allow players to take the toys apart and mix and match the top and bottom halves to form new characters and powers.  Swap Force will also ship with 16 completely new (Series 3 figures) and 16 ‘fan favorite’ figures returning including 8 Lightcore figures.  Activision is currently showcasing the new game at the NYC Toy Fair and more information is developing!

Skylanders Swap Force Preview

Updated with new Skylanders SWAP Force Trailer!