Seems E3 2015 was all about leaks and releasing information pre-press conference but Activision and Nintendo were able to keep the lid on their secret collaboration for Skylanders SuperChargers.  While we don’t know the entire full roster of Skylanders figures for the upcoming fifth game in the series – we do know that Donkey Kong and Bowser will be joining the game as both Skylanders figures and amiibo figures for the Nintendo WiiU, Wii and 3DS versions of the game.

We had a chance to play both Bowser and Donkey Kong at E3 2015 and both characters are just as fun as any ‘normal’ Skylander complete with attack upgrades and their own vehicles which they can ‘SuperCharge’ up to add more punch to the game.  The Skylanders SuperChargers booth at E3 also gave away a special ‘Golden Hot Streak’ variant figure if you waited in line to demo the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that this marks the first time villains have been made into toys/figures for the Skylanders franchise — something Activision ‘missed the mark’ on last year when they released ‘traps’ to contain villains and not actual figures.