While the Skylanders franchise may be ‘on hold’ at the moment from releasing console versions of the video game the company behind the popular Summoners War mobile games (Com2us) will soon be releasing Skylanders Ring of Heroes for iOS and Android.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes will be a departure from the Skylanders console video games as it will be a mobile RPG adventure and appears to incorporate the use of the Skylanders characters digitally without the use of a ‘Portal of Power’. Skylanders Ring of Heroes will feature an original story from a development team new to the franchise so things will either feel completely new and fresh or take turns that may put off long-time fans of the series.

skylanders ring of heroes preview

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Preview – So What’s New??

The team behind the Skylanders Ring of Heroes video game released a new developer documentary this week which helps expand on what fans can expect from the upcoming video game – which as of writing this doesn’t have an official release date. For the first time, Skylanders fans will actually see a ‘Portal Master‘ incorporated into the game who appears to be controlling the Skylanders and look to be either male or female. The new mobile game will also introduce a Skylanders ‘Awakening‘ which is a new leveling system that unlocks a new outfit and skill and will take hours to accomplish.