USAopoly makes franchise branded versions of the board game Monopoly.  Their most recent creation is the Skylanders Monopoly game.  Skylanders Monopoly comes with 6 collectible pieces/tokens to use in the game, a fully detailed board to play on including a rather ‘happy Kaos‘ with no sign of Eon and property as characters in the game with Thumpback being the most valuable replacing Boardwalk.

Like most other licensed Monopoly games – this one retains the four original Monopoly corners in ‘GO’, ‘Jail’, ‘Free Parking’ and ‘Go To Jail’.  The game is a mixture of characters from the original game Skylanders Spryo’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants with no sign of anyone from the upcoming release Skylanders Swap Force.

Skylanders Monopoly retails for $39.99 and can be ordered directly through Amazon or the company’s website.  Thus far our only complaint about the game is that the property cards are thinner then normal and very flimsy – expect those to be the ‘first to go’ if you have a family of kids anxious to tear into the game.  The highlight of the board game is the colorful playing field which is framed nicely and well put together overall.

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