Kids love Skylanders and McDonald’s so it was only a matter of time before the two were combined and given away as part of their Happy Meal promotion but how do you make a ‘better’ toy for a food-giveaway?  For the next month you can chose from 9 Skylanders ‘boy toy’ themed McDonald’s Happy Meal toys either with the purchase of a kid’s meal or individually for $1.95.

The 9 Skylanders included are all male figures and vary between the different elements from the game – the highlight of the set is KAOS who is the villain in both the original Skylanders game and the sequel Skylanders Giants.  The Skylanders Happy Meal toys have ‘actions’ and most will shoot a missile or move their arms in a chopping motion — Tree Rex is the only toy who can light up and Kaos will spin his head around to show both sides of his dynamic personality.

Overall these figures are about the same size as the original Skylanders (for the game) and will be a fun addition to a toy collector as well as for kids looking to ‘flesh out’ their collection while awaiting new stuff in the next version of the game called Skylanders SWAP Force.  We’ve provided an ‘unboxing’ video and demonstration for each of the 9 Skylanders Happy Meal toys – be sure to check ’em out!

Skylanders Spyro

Skylanders Kaos

Skylanders Ignitor

Skylanders Chop Chop

Skylanders Drobot

Skylanders Crusher

Skylanders Jet Vac

Skylanders Tree Rex

Skylanders Gill Grunt