Activision revealed today at the American International Toy Fair 2012 that their popular new franchise Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure would indeed be receiving follow-up treatment to the game.  Skylanders Giants is thus far being called the “Next Chapter in the Franchise Introduces More Than 20 New Figures Including Super-Sized Giants and Characters Featuring Light Technology” (from Activision press release) and not so much a direct sequel.  We know they’ll be new Skylanders released (more then 20 including 8 giant-sized figures) and from the reveal trailer it looks like Flynn and his balloon show up – giving gamers familiar Skylands to explore.

Activision has confirmed that all previously released Skylanders (and their power-ups) will be 100% compatable with Skylanders Giants – basically making a combination of two vast games to play with all the figures and expansions.  Parents who are keeping track of their wallets will be shelling out more then they had hoped for as the Skylanders franchise is currently the ‘gotta have them all’ generation that was formally exclusive to Pokemon.

Suggested Retail Price for the Skylanders Giants Starter Pack is $69.99 which means we should expect another 30-40 hour experience of gigantic proportions.  We hope retailers double their orders this time around for the 2012 holidays as Skylanders figures were in short supply once word got out how fun it was being a ‘Portal Master’.

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