RoomMates Decor has been in the ‘Wall Decals’ game for a while but only recently started to release products for the video game franchise Skylanders.  Thus far we have seen three different combinations of Skylanders stickers/wall decals.  There’s the super large individual sticker/wall decal that includes a large collage of Skylanders characters from both games, the 30 piece set which includes a middle-range assortment of Skylanders characters and finally the 25 piece set which included portions of Trigger Happy and Bouncer that would combine to make the largest individual stickers/wall decals.

The quality and production for these stickers/wall decals is amazing and really makes the images leap off the wall.  We’ve put together a short Skylanders Giants Stickers unboxing video to showcase the variations on the RoomMates Decor line of stickers/wall decals.  On their website you can order the 30 piece collection so expect to see the other two available soon – enjoy!

Skylanders Giants Stickers Unboxing

RoomMates Decor Skylanders Stickers/Wall Decals