Last year we saw the Skylanders Sidekicks promotion with Frito-Lay potato chips and this year they are back again starting 6/30/13.  Skylanders Sidekicks are cute mini-versions (full set of four) that follow you around in the game like little pets.  The Skylanders Sidekicks do not do much in the way to enhance the gameplay experience but for toy collecting and bragging rights – they are worth picking up.  Best of all – Frito-Lay will send you a figure for only $2.50 – that’s pretty cheap when you consider the after-market on the original figures was pretty high!

The new Skylanders Giants Sidekicks are Thumpling, Barkley, Eye-Small and Mini-Jini — we recommend ‘Cool Ranch’ as one of our favorite Doritos potato chip choices!

Skylanders Giants Sidekicks