The latest wave of Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure figures and expansion pack hit the store shelves in the form of the Skylanders Dragon’s Peak adventure featuring Sunburn and single releases of Zook and Lightning Rod.  What’s great about the Dragon’s Peak game is that it features….. as you guessed it – dragons!  Let’s face it – most of us got sucked up in the fun of all the OTHER Skylanders and forgot all about the originator Spyro himself who is a dragon!

It was refreshing to get a chance to hang with some other dragons, fly from stage to stage and delve into some principals of dragon lore.  The Dragon’s Peak expansion introduces you to new characters Flavius, Ramses and Vathek and offers some new platforming challenge elements.  Dragon’s Peak doesn’t offer many new villains except ‘Boom Fiend’ – a suicide bomber but has spiked moving platforms that can trip you up if you are not paying attention.

Dragon’s Peak comes with new Skylander Sunburn a fire element.  His basic attacks are breathing fire, teleporting and a powerful flying phoenix blast.  It was refreshing to get our hands on Zook to play since he appears as a villain in the game multiple times and Lightning Rod offers a Zeus-godlike personality to him the way he floats through levels and uses lots of lightning attacks.

Dragon’s Peak is probably our second favorite adventure pack expansion for the Skylanders universe with Darklight Crypt coming in first (who can resist those pies?).

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