Skylanders Trap Team momentum is building for the games’ Oct 2014 release and Activision was all over the San Diego Comic-Con last week with a booth inside, a game truck outside and numerous gaming stations in extended areas.  This was the first time a public display for Skylanders had been made at the world’s largest entertainment enthusiast convention.  As a bonus there was also a Skylanders panel and costume contest which featured I-Wei Huang (Toys For Bob), Richard Horvitz (Voice of Kaos) and Ron Marz (Skylanders Comic Writer) and moderator Geoff Keighley.

At the Skylanders Comic-Con panel the team involved talked about the evolution of Kaos and how the characters are conceived from scratch.  Richard Horvitz went into detail about some of the story elements – not heard yet about the game and I-Wei announced a new variant called Eon’s Elite which will feature 8 characters from the original game in a fancy limited edition package.  At the costume contest it was clear from the get-go who would win as the girl appearing in a Scratch outfit was first on line for the panel and a guaranteed champion.  We’re hoping this is the first in many in which Skylanders takes the team on the road to talk and meet with fans – enjoy our video highlights!

Skylanders Comic-Con Panel Highlights 2014

Skylanders Comic-Con Panel Costume Contest 2014