Skylanders Battlecast released May 24, 2016 in the U.S. and Europe and is free-to-play on the Apple iOS store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.  Skylanders Battlecast Battle Packs (physical cards) can be purchased for $9.99 and Skylanders Battlecast Booster Packs can be purchased for $4.99.

Activision has treated Skylanders fans to numerous mobile games and apps throughout the franchise history but this time around they are incorporating both a digital game with physical objects in collectable trading cards.  Let it be known that the cards are not needed to play or complete the game in either story mode or versus mode however most Skylanders fans are already used to collecting something and may find this as a nice hobby on the less expensive side.

The graphics and sound effects are top notch all things considered for Skylanders Battlecast.  As an interface it is easy enough to submerge yourself into the game however like other CCG-style games (Magic/Hearthstone) there is a high level of complexity involved.  A young gamer may be put off by the advanced level of strategy needed to win a match while older gamers could possibly be drawn to Skylanders Battlecast – especially those who have played and enjoyed Hearthstone.

Since Skylanders Battlecast is a free app it is worth taking a look at the game and trying out the story mode or versus mode.  If you find yourself compelled to collect the physical cards – they will add a boost to your ‘deck’ and something that can be traded with friends.  Be warned – once a Skylanders Battlecast card is scanned into the game there is no way to rescan it which could lead to confusion on the secondary market or in trading with friends.