SEE was one of the launch shows for Apple TV+ and was the most visually interesting as for locations, wardrobe, and style. SEE is set in the future where everyone is born without sight and only a handful of people on the show have the ability to see – namely those spawned from the character of Jerlamarel (played by Joshua Henry).

SEE stars Jason Momoa (as Baba Voss), Sylvia Hoeks (as Queen Kane), Hera Hilmar (as Maghra), Alfre Woodard (as Paris) and Christian Camargo (as Tamacti Jun). Groups of people on the show are broken down into tribes with their own community lifestyles and laws. The bulk of the show revolves around Tamacti Jun and his Witchfinders chasing after Baba Voss and his makeshift family who are on the run.

As to be expected with the first season of a new TV show – sometimes SEE feels completely rushed and leaps forward in time 17 years within the span of a couple of episodes. When the storytelling settles down and allows you to walk around in the environment it becomes quite charming. Unfortunately, only a few middle episodes seem to allow this as the bookend first couple and the last episode feels like they were rushed and jump quickly to story plot elements.

The characters on SEE are all quite interesting and have tons of personality even with some like Queen Kane playing things far too over the top. Jason Momoa’s character of Baba Voss is a nice anchor to the show and the writers clearly made sure to give him mini action and fight scenes whenever possible to showcase his abilities. Tamacti Jun ends up being one of the most interesting characters on the show by the end of the season with some fine acting by Christian Camargo.

The gimmick of characters on the show being without sight has its pros and cons. Most of the time, it was a bit distracting as you were looking for ‘gimmicks’ surrounding how people would act and respond without being able to see. Other times it became a bit silly and might even make someone throw their hands in the air and reject the show. For me personally – I just had to accept it and move on but the blindless aspect could deter many from tuning in week to week.

Overall, SEE was a fun and exciting show and I’m glad I stayed with it through the end. It was clear to me that once the show was renewed for a second season that the writing for season 1 was ‘cut short’ and having a handful of cliffhangers became the priority to set up for another season. It’s a shame that they didn’t allow for season 1 to play out naturally with a nice pace but instead opted to race to a finish line in the form of a ‘to be continued’. We can only hope that the wait for SEE season 2 isn’t too long and that the show can pick up its stride and pace better if it wants to be the breakout show it deserves to be.