The PlayStation Network does NOT have a ton of original video content so it was only a matter of time before they started up their own programming. Their latest original show is called ‘The Tester‘ in which 11 gamers from around the United States compete in both video game competitions and physical activities (think American Gladiators). Much like WCG’s Ultimate Gamer show – these contestants will be living together and interacting in a social environment (think Big Brother). The rules of elimination are unclear at this point but Sony has attached some celebrity names like Hal Sparks and David Jaffe to be part of the judging. The show is hosted by Meredith Molinari who appeared on The Radnerd Show episode 104 and be available exclusively on the PlayStation Network.  Interesting to note is that pro-gamer Starslay3r (who was a guest on COIN-OP TV LIVE ep211) is the only gamer to compete in both Ultimate Gamer and The Tester.  Winner receives a chance to be a video game tester for Sony but we’re hoping there is more at stake!