I grew up listening to Pink Floyd and The Wall was always considered a masterpiece album, movie and concert tour.  Though I never had a chance to see them perform in concert I had always heard about the spectacle that The Wall concert had become.  Roger Waters The Wall hits Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD this week (Dec 1, 2015) and is a cumulation of concert performances mixed with vignettes of Rogers Waters remembering his torrid past.

Roger Waters The Wall Blu-ray set features the entire The Wall concert and performance on one disc and a bonus disc that features segments from a concert with original Pink Floyd members David Gilmour and Nick Mason and behind the scenes footage spread out over themed segments.

The Wall is a landmark album and production and this disc set helps celebrate things with excellence in both audio and picture as well as technical advances in a modern stage production.  If for some reason you aren’t a fan of Pink Floyd you will still marvel at the level of production design that went into this live tour.

The behind the scenes featurettes on the bonus disc are candid and fun and should probably be watched before the actual concert movie as they will help expand upon your enjoyment of the film.  Buyer be warned – original Pink Floyd members David Gilmour and Nick Mason only appear in two songs on the bonus disc and are not part of the main production.

Overall the production quality and historic relevance of The Wall is captured on this disc set but my biggest annoyance was having to sit through the Roger Waters vignettes that were intercut into the concert footage.  Something that also stood out was the contrast between band members and their age verses the audience members who all appear to be teenagers – if Pink Floyd music has transcended the age gap that much then this should be a popular holiday gift item indeed!