Still scratching your head around the idea that your Kinect system from Microsoft is only good for one or two games?  Sega may have an answer for you in the form of Rise of the Nightmares.  This brutal and bloody horror/thriller game puts you the player inside the game and controls – like you were dropped in the middle of the film ‘Hostel‘.  The level we played started from a first person perspective in which you witness a brutal slaying with you being the next victim – after an escape you find yourself wading through hordes of zombies and all types of nightmarish creatures.

Rise of the Nightmares puts you directly into the game by using the Kinect controller for Microsoft’s Xbox 360.  Turn your character in real life to face different directions – slash or punch and your character in the game will do the same.  The controls aren’t too difficult to master and we only played a short demo of the game before needing a break from the carnage.  Our best advice – get the gang together for drinking night and create your own party game out of Rise of the Nightmares and when you need cheering up – dust off Dance Central.