Capcom recently released new game play trailers for Resident Evil 6.  The express purpose of the trailers was to capture and highlight the newest tweaks and enhancements.  These changes were based on the feedback received by players and critics from the original demo playable at E3 and on the Xbox 360 by purchasing Dragon’s Dogma.  You can read my thoughts on the original demo here.

With a huge release like Resident Evil happening in a few short months, it is reassuring that Capcom took the time to solicit feedback and act upon it.  I saw the biggest changes in the camera placement, HUD placement and design and weapon selection.

The most noticeable change is the placement of the character on the screen.  In an interview with Destructoid , Resident Evil 6 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said: “This is the latest version of the game, and you can see how we’ve pulled the character out of the way now, so when you’re aiming you can still clearly see what you’re trying to shoot.”  I think we all can agree that in a third-person shooter, the camera can make or break the entire experience.

Changes in weapon selection may not seem as important as the camera, but they made an excellent step forward in this regard.  In the newest trailer, the weapon selection is in a “Lazy Susan” fashion directly in the middle of the screen, rather than the previous location in the bottom right corner.  The new way is preferable in that your eyes are not forced to wander and lose sight of your target.

With only a couple months remaining until the release of Resident Evil 6, I am now, more than ever, looking forward to getting my hands on this game.  It’s obvious that Capcom is really stepping up to further enhance the Resident Evil tradition and franchise.  Stay tuned to COIN-OP TV for more on Resident Evil 6 as we approach the October 2nd release date.