Remember Me Preview at Wondercon

Remember Me is a new video game coming from Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom featuring a female protagonist called Nilin who can read/process memories in addition to taking down baddies with her fists.  Remember Me feels like a video game version of Total Recall and/or Minority Report mixed with video game action like a Devil May Cry or Tomb Raider.  There’s plenty of stuff to explore and tons of hand-to-hand combat between Nilin and numerous enemies.

During Wondercon in Anaheim, California – gamers got a chance to play Remember Me hands-on and see for themselves what to expect when the game is released in June 2013 just before the E3 Expo.  We had a chance to chat with the developers first-hand to check in with the game’s progress and get an idea of the combat and combos.

Remember Me Nilin Official Trailer

Remember Me Interview from Wondercon

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