Rekoil is an upcoming first person multiplayer shooter coming to PC and XBLA in the near future developed by Jason Brice and his team.  We had a chance to sit down with the game in a private demo – while still a work-in-progress we were able to get a sense of where Rekoil is heading.

Rekoil will feature both male and female characters and will release with 10 maps – we played some of the Sawmill map and Prison map.  The developers stressed that player balance at any level from the beginning is their primary concern for this game.  Each player will have the same weapons and abilities and if you are a casual player or dedicated player you won’t have any perks or leveling up to assist you in the game.

If you’re a fan of Call Of Duty MP and like the idea of leveling up and gaining perks then you may be puzzled at what Rekoil offers as the game tosses all of that aside.  The only ‘bragging’ rights will come from the leaderboards.  Rekoil looks like a competent enough shooter however some things came up in our hands-on gameplay that concerned us greatly — the biggest was not being able to aim/shoot while running.

As we move into the next-gen of gaming it’ll be interesting to see what games can make a splash and which games are lost — Rekoil will have to incorporate some new ideas in the future release if it aims to stay on our radar.

Rekoil Gameplay Trailer