After taking a backseat to a few raging Rabbids for years, Ubisoft’s flagship superstar Rayman made a triumphant return in what many considered 2011’s platforming game of the year Rayman Origins.  Rayman Origins is a classic 2D side scrolling adventure crafted with love and some of today’s top technology, one of the most welcome surprises in a year that was full of marquee titles.  Rayman Origins is now heading to the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita portable gaming systems.

From the Nintendo 3DS screens above, Rayman Origins looks to be as fun and challenging as the console release.  Rayman Origins 3DS will have Street Pass functionality incorporated into the title to share progress of 60+ highly replayable levels, unlocked collectibles, achievements, and avatars.  Rayman Origins will be available on the PlayStation Vita February 14th and Rayman Origins 3DS will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS on March 20th, 2012. If you were curious about playing one of the most polished and publicized titles of 2011, then get your hands on Rayman Origins and Rayman Origins 3DS!

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