A long time ago Rayman was a clever, witty and cute platforming icon ready to stand next to such PlayStation giants as Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Spyro.  Something happened along the way and Rayman never really got the exposure he deserved.  He started out as a side-scrolling platformer but quickly found success in a 3D environment – the character and allure of the game was always unique and addicting with all good platforming elements and exploration.

The advent of the Nintendo Wii and the introduction of ‘gimmick gameplay’ led to Ubisoft introducing us to Rayman Raving Rabbids in 2006.  The game was really all about those pesky Rabbids and taking them down with your Wii-Mote – it was was entertaining enough as a party games but most felt betrayed by the lack of a great Rayman character experience.

We are very proud to announce that Rayman Origins is so GREAT that we’ve forgiven Ubisoft for all of those games released while we patiently awaited another chance to leave our limbs at home for some platforming madness.  Super Mario Bros on the Wii gave us great four-player co-op side-scrolling and added ‘the bubble’ (you know you used it often), Kirby Epic Yarn was a visual treat, Little Big Planet pushed things even further for game mechanics but Rayman Origins sets a new standard for these types of video games to be judged.

We were pretty hyped on Rayman Origins when we first saw it at the E3 2011 Ubisoft Press Conference and playing the game at Comic-Con International 2011 gave us even more anticipation.  We’ve provided hours of gameplay with commentary by Robert Welkner and Andre Meadows for you to check out the game and judge for yourself – enjoy!

Over the Rainbow, Hi-Ho Moskito, Crazy Bouncing
Best Original Score
Wind or Lose
Dashing Thru the Snow & Piping Hot
Mending the Rift & Aim for the Eel
Can’t Catch Me