For those who didn’t realize it or already forgot — we praised Rayman Legends a ton last year (2013) on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U — you can read the full original Rayman Legends review here:

Ubisoft has been kind enough to port over Rayman Legends to the next-generation platforms the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  We had a chance to play some PlayStation 4 gameplay (shown below).  The new version looks and sounds just about as great as the original console versions.  There’s not much of a graphic jump but you can take advantage of how TwitchTV has made streaming gameplay immensely easy with just a click of a button.  Also – the original PS Vita version of the game wasn’t all that complete and this time around you can take Rayman Legends on the go as a complete game via the PS Vita remote-play.

If you already own Rayman Legends then it’s tough for us to push on upgrading to the PS4/XBO versions but if you stayed away from the game in 2013 then this is a perfect opportunity to jump on board and find out why this platformer received such high praise in 2013!

Rayman Legends PS4/XBO Trailer