The Rabbids have become an adorable icon for Ubisoft. Whether it’s their small size, beady red eyes, or obnoxious yells, the Rabbids have plunged their way into the hearts of many. They’ve kidnapped Rayman, tried to take over the world and even traveled through time, in their quest to entertain us. Now that they have the Nintendo¬†Wii U Gamepad, should we be shaking in fear?

Rabbids Land is blantantly similar to the Mario Party franchise. Instead of starting crazy contrived plans of grandeur, the Rabbids have confined themselves to a board game after being too short to ride at a theme park. While mimicking¬†is the highest form of flattery, I wish that Rabbids Land had copied the fun too. While it is easy to be bored of board games, the sheer level of tedium that this game brings is astounding. There’s also a prevailing sense that this game was rushed, such as including only one game board.

Past Rabbids titles have always had quirky mini-games whose sheer premise would entertain. Seeing the Rabbid’s take on human culture was hilarious and astounding, like they really were strangers in a foreign land. They must have been more impressed by seeing the world, because the mini-games in their theme park seem uninspired. Mini-games are limited to 2 player matches, so if you bring 4 friends expect most of them to be twiddling their thumbs. Rabbid’s Land feels like it’s a hand-held port rather than a new game on a new console.

I love those darn little Rabbids. I even bought the first game before I owned a Wii. That’s why with great dismay I have to say that this game was a tremendous disappointment. Mini-game collections are supposed to spastic attention grabbing games, yet I found myself yawning though this one. As the box says, this is the perfect party game (for your enemies).

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