The team at QMx has been ramping up their toys and collectibles for the last few years but at Comic-Con International 2016 they really brought along the good stuff to share and sell at the convention.  One of the ‘hot ticket items’ was the Aquaman and Cthulhu figure which introduces their new Q-Fig Max line – an oversized piece that features plenty of detail.  This same Aquaman figure can also be found inside an upcoming Lootcrate box but was available to everyone during SDCC.


Another Comic-Con exclusive was the Firefly ‘Keep Flying’ Challenge gold coin which is a tribute to ‘Browncoats’ everywhere.  One side featured a colorful Independents Army Symbol and the flip side a view of the Serenity space ship.  QMx also had an exclusive Suicide Squad Joker pin (not pictured) for those anxious to share their pride leading into the upcoming film.


The majority of other toys and collectibles on display for sale or as a preview for upcoming releases all caught our eye as the team at QMx is doing a fantastic job with the DC licenses and more!  Keep an eye on this company to most likely join the ranks in popularity in the coming years comparable to that of Funko.

Photos: BlankLogo Photography 2016