Sony hosted a community event/party to celebrate the launch of The Tester – a PlayStation 3 exclusive reality/contest show.  The event was filled with Sony PS3 community members, former Tester contestants including winners Will Powers (season 1) and Matthew Michael Brown (season 2) along with most of the ‘cast’ of The Tester season 3.

Those in attendance scored a trendy PS3 The Tester t-shirt, free pizza and competed for a chance to win Sony exclusive prizes while playing Wipe Out on the PS Vita.  We were also treated to a special advanced screening of the premiere episode of The Tester season 3 – which included a cockroach challenge a la TV’s Fear Factor and the return of hosts/judges Meredith Molinari, Brent Gocke and Adrianne Curry.  Season 3 looks a tad more ‘polished’ in the way of production value – contestants now have lockers for their personal items so say goodbye to the ‘who took my stuff’ inner-dorm-like drama (as made famous by season 2’s Big Fazeek).

This time around the winner of The Tester will join Sony Santa Monica Studios as a Production Assistant working on their upcoming/unannounced franchise licensed video game – a high honor indeed!  Season 3’s contestants have enough character to become a break-out show worthy of water-cooler talk around the office but do enough people even know of the show’s existence?  Either way, we’ll be watching every episode of the show – anxious to see where the contest takes us!

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