Sugar and everything nice was thrown out the window for this panel full of spice. Catherine Cavadini (Blossom), Tara Strong (Bubbles), and E.G Daily (Buttercup) were there to bring life to the Powerpuff Girls again. Andre from Black Nerd Comedy and Lisa Foiles were there to moderate the panel, adding to the fun. Fans of everything from My Little Pony to Rugrats and even Lollipop Chainsaw came to see these three wonderful women. The panel kicked off with an auction for the complete Powerpuff Girls series signed by the terrific trio. The proceeds went to a charity called Bronies for Good, and ended up netting $430!

After that bombastic event they started answering some questions about their experiences with and during the show. Like how strange it was that a pilot about meat was picked up 5 years after the fact. Stories unfolded of the sheet zaniness of voice recording over the years. Highlights for the trio included meeting Mark Hamill and E.G Daliy’s unusual antics.  The Powerpuff Girls weren’t the only characters that these three voiced and soon they were taking requests from the audience to recite. There was talk of a Powerpuff Girl anniversary special, and hopes that it would become a full blown return of the series.

This panel was entirely for the fans and even closed out with everyone singing The Powerpuff Girl Theme. Seeing all the fans come together to celebrate a show that changed so many lives was worth the trip to Comikaze alone.