The Power Rangers have gone through multiple iterations over the years from the iconic Mighty Morphin’ to the newest Super Megaforce. Power Rangers Zeo takes place right after the conclusion of Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers which itself was a continuation of the original series. Everything you’d expect from a sentai series is here, from the over-the-top cheesy acting to the just as huge fights.

Zeo starts off far more bleak than other series, with the command center in shambles and even the bad guys afraid of a bigger threat. The Machine Empire has taken over the moon and began an onslaught on Earth. A more powerful adversary means the Rangers have to also step up their game and thanks to the Zeo crystal they have that covered. It’s an artifact they found in the previous series that grants them new powers and Megazords. All of this screams innovation but there is a distinct lack of it. Every show follows the same formula of villain hatches scheme, causes trouble, gets defeated by the rangers. This could be a bore, but some of the comedy bits can be wonderfully entertaining and even some risqué adult humor thrown in for good measure. Hopefully all of this will be enough for whoever buys this DVD as there’s not much else to it.

The DVD menu is nothing more than a delivery system for the episodes. Some special features would’ve been nice, it’s understandable that there weren’t any to muster up for a series that’s almost 20 years old. Coupled with the bland packing and it feels like this DVD was curated by a lazy collector rather than an enthused expert. Still there is about 8 hours of episodes in this collection spanning the entire first season. It’s a great gift for anyone who hasn’t experienced Power Rangers before or for anyone who is still a kid at heart.

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