The Power Rangers Wild Force Complete Series was released on DVD in April 2016.  Power Rangers Wild Force is considered the 10th season in this long running franchise with Rangers that incorporate animals as their special powers.

power rangers wild force

Power Rangers Wild Force has the usual formula – teenagers who morph into Power Rangers and fight against evil Orgs and other types of villains.  The original four members (yellow, black, blue and white ranger) are already friends and members of the fighting team – they soon meet up with Cole who eventually becomes the red ranger.  Cole is from the jungle and tuned into animals so that gives the show a bit of a ‘backbone’ on the whole Wild Force angle.  What’s strange is how clueless the original four rangers are in combining their fighting tactics before Cole joins them and somehow he instinctively knows how to combine their weapons and help form the Wild Force Megazord.

As with other Power Rangers collections – Shout Factory has put together the entire series (40 episodes) contained in professional packaging.  What’s missing is any bonus material from the DVD set and the quality of this particular season lacks in many ways.  The main cast of Power Rangers Wild Force is pretty weak but the villains are all pretty memorable especially Toxica and Master Org.