If you could only pick one season of Power Rangers to add to your DVD collection then you may want to consider picking up Ninja Storm.  Shout Factory released the Power Rangers Ninja Storm 5 Disc DVD set in June 2016 containing all 38 episodes of the eleventh season.  Like most Shout Factory releases the packaging and quality is top notch however much like the last Power Rangers set we reviewed Wild Force the are no extra features included.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Power Rangers Ninja Storm kicks off with a trio of Rangers hopefuls in the form of extreme sports enthusiast Tori, Shane and Dustin.  Seems these three are already pretty crafty in ninja and fighting skills but soon they’ll be given even more power and responsibility when turned into official Power Rangers.  The new cast and casting decisions seem spot on with everyone both hero and villain on the attractive side.  Power Rangers Ninja Storm also features excellent costumes, pacing and one of the best designed Megazords.

The fact that the Power Rangers trio (joined by a couple more Rangers later in the series) can do ninja and extreme sports outside of their costumes adds a variety of visually interesting and compelling things to the Ninja Storm series.  This DVD set is worth adding to your collection – however as in the past we are puzzled that no additional extra features were added to the bundle.