This is it. PS All-Stars Battle Royale is going to be the game that I buy my first piece of Sony gear since the PS2. Why has it taken so long for someone, anyone, to steal that Smash Bros. formula? Up until now All-Stars occupied an indifferent area of my brain, hearing about this new game gave me a big yawn with a “whatever” kind of attitude. But now, after watching our glut of full motion video (that’s right full motion), this skeptic is genuinely excited. In fact I think Microsoft should do the same thing and make an Xbox 360 Smash Bros., Nintendo should release a new Smash Bros.. When all three of these products exist at the same time, on this Earth, they should all become yearly franchises! With mid year cash grabbing crossovers! I’d buy them all, and you’re a liar if you say you wouldn’t.

There are a bunch of PS All-Stars Battle Royale videos up on the COIN-OP TV YouTube channel. Trailers, gameplay, and a couple full matches.

Link to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale playlist/trailers: