Finally, after years of being vilified in games the Orc’s time has come. In Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion these creatures of myth have been given the opportunity to fight back against their human oppressors, a pulpit from which to preach the Orcish Gospel; finally at long last a… voice? Sir Sniff, Doc Turd, Lord Poop and Friar Krap are all that’s left to stop the polluting human incursion. Hack, slash, burp, and fart your way through the human ruined lands of Orcdom as one of four playable characters.

Casual Brothers delivers just about what you’d expect from a third person beat ’em up. Some platforming, some action, and tons of enemies to fight. The requisite light and heavy attacks are present and accounted for with little depth in the combat system. This lack of depth is a real shame. The core of the game is its combat, no, more than the core. Fighting is pretty much the whole game. Why then do the four characters available at the start play the same? Why aren’t there more combos? Combos of combos?¬† Farting and burping as special attacks does add some to the combat with gross out humor reminiscent of days gone by, days of Ren & Stimpy and Boogerman. In spite of this shallowness¬†Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion does succeeds in being entertaining, everyone loves smashing the crap out of waves of enemies. Orc Attack also features the ever popular third person camera! It’s hard to knock a game for something that has encumbered players for years. We all know it, we all hate it, we all wish someone somewhere would do something about it. That being said; Flatulent Rebellion takes it a step further… or maybe a step backwards. The player cannot control the camera. It moves on its own and that’s it! It’s a compound frustration, like having the flu and pink-eye.

All in all Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion is a decent distraction from whatever you might be seriously playing at the moment. With an XBLA price tag of ten bucks, go ahead and wait for it to go on sale before you pick it up.