Nyko has released their Power Pak for the Nintendo Switch – which is an external battery to help extend your gaming experience on the go. The Nyko Power Pak is meant to double the battery life so this is a handy thing to have on long trips or flights. The Nyko Power Pak is constructed of durable materials and snaps on the Nintendo Switch main unit easily enough – locking in tight with no chances of falling off. The Nyko Power Pak uses a 5,000 mAh battery and comes with a Type-C cable to charge it.

The Nyko Power Pak adds a small amount of weight as expected but is mostly slim and ergonomic. It sort of feels like having a luxury case snapped onto your Nintendo Switch as the form factor is nice and may even add some comfort to holding the Nintendo Switch in your hands. The Nyko Power Pak doesn’t block any important ports or vents so that’s a plus and is not terribly expensive at a $40 price point. The unit also comes with a kickstand to help you play in table-top mode while using the Nyko Power Pak battery. We couldn’t tell if the kickstand for the Power Pak snaps off like the one on the Nintendo Switch or not and didn’t want to risk trying it for this review.

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