Nyko has released their Dock Bands for the Nintendo Switch – these are meant to help avoid scratching the screen when putting the Switch in and out of the docking unit. The Dock Bands snap on tight to each side of the main Nintendo Switch unit and help make a small space between the dock and the front and back of the Switch. Joy Cons can still be attached with no problem and the Dock Bands have a small + and – symbol to help match them up.

On a positive side, the Nyko Dock Bands accomplish what they set out to do – causing some space between the Switch and docking station. They a very affordable at only $5 and snap on and off easily enough and are very stylish looking so no complaints there. The only negative we found was that it made the Nintendo Switch a tighter fit getting in and out of the docking station which means you’ll have to use a little more pull or push to get the system in and out.

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