We’re still a bit confused as to how the Nintendo Switch online multiplayer will function once it releases but thankfully our friends at Nyko have put together a good option for chatting with your friends while gaming called the Clip Grip Power. This device is meant to cradle your cell phone to your Joy-Con controllers so you can use the speaker phone to chat with your friends online and stay hands-free for multiplayer games like Splatoon 2 and others.

The Clip Grip Power is made out of sturdy plastic and feels nice when holding it with the two Joy-Con controllers – you can use the unit to charge your Joy-Con controllers and also store up to 7 Nintendo Switch carts and 2 Micro-SD cards in a hidden compartment. According to the Nyko suggested retail price this will come in cheaper than the official Nintendo Joy-Con controllers charging grip so for that reason alone it makes it worth checking out.

Our two biggest concerns thus far have been the sticky tape that is part of the grip which will touch your cell phone and if the Clip Grip Power is sturdy enough to hold your phone in place should you start moving your hands around while playing a video game.