Nintendo showcased a brand new trailer sizzle reel for their upcoming system the Nintendo Switch which was previously known as the Nintendo NX.  The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid handheld portable system and gaming console in one unit that uses a dock to connect to the TV while at home and removable controllers to snap onto the display when on the road.

The Nintendo Switch will be available in March 2017 and Nintendo promises to have a full demonstration as for launch date, pricing, titles and more specifics prior to launch.  The removable portable controllers are called ‘Joy-Con‘ and Nintendo has confirmed through this video that games will be cartridge based.  Skyrim and the new Zelda game were showcased as part of the trailer both on the home TV and mobile gameplay experience.

nintendo switch hardwareHere’s our list of concerns and questions following the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer:

  • Powerful enough to replace the WiiU or just a replacement for the 3DS?
  • Backwards compatibility?
  • amiibo support?
  • Any touch controls?
  • What’s the storage size/memory?
  • What’s the battery life?
  • How is this not simply an iPad/Android tablet using Bluetooth controller?
  • Pricing and models?