Nexon America will be showing off its upcoming title, Dungeon Fighter Online, at the popular Penny Arcade Expo (booth No. 122) in Seattle, WA. It will be the first time Dungeon Fighter Online has been made available to the North American public. Nexon will also feature two other titles – Combat Arms, its popular multiplayer online first-person shooter, and provide a sneak preview of a game set for release later next year called Dragon Nest.

Players will get a chance to experience Dungeon Fighter Online as it prepares for launch in North America. Already a runaway hit in Asia, Dungeon Fighter Online, couples classic arcade action with the modern online RPG experience.


This will also be the first North American appearance for Dragon Nest, which is an upcoming title published by Nexon America and developed by Eyedentity Games. Players will get a chance to experience this cutting-edge title and have a glimpse at the next generation of free-to-play games.

Combat Arms will be highlighting its latest update, the popular Quarantine Mode, which pits soldiers against infected in a bloody, chaotic underground facility where a science experiment turned its subjects mad with rage.