An Awesomenauts update is coming. While we aren’t sure when it will land we do know that it will contain two additional characters. Coco Nebulon is a hover-board riding speedy type character who employes electricity based harassment tactics. Derpl Zork, the slug in a suit, is the heavy area of effect answer to the heavy combat oriented Clunk. Word on the street, by street I of course mean the Internet, is that this update/expansion is coming for the very affordable price of free.

Along with the exciting addition of new characters the update will contain some boring stat. adjustments. A balance affecting patch is coming down the pipe. Lonestar’s missiles, Voltar’s droids, and Leon’s slowing slash are a few of the details being changed by the patch; so says Ronimo Games producer Robin Meijer. (spoiler: they’re all being nerfed!)