Need For Speed Most Wanted is an adrenaline rush for racing enthusiasts.  The game is fast – the game is fun.  Probably our favorite thing to do in the game was cause havoc on police all over town – smashing through road blocks and swerving into cop cars is simply satisfying.

Need For Speed Most Wanted features an open-world-like environment where you can drive around and hop in and out of cars trying to find a perfect match for racing.  Once inside the race you’ll enjoy high speeds and defined graphics better then most car racing games out there.  Like most NFS games – the challenge is in beating your friends in multiplayer and braggin’ about the experience via the autolog – a constant progress update on you and your friends playing the game.

Probably the most difficult thing to master in the game are the check-points during a race which are a white vertical staff or beacon that can easily be missed at high speeds.  Another thing we’d like to be able to do is use the dpad on the controller to control the car – why more racing games don’t allow this is puzzling.

Need For Speed Most Wanted is available now for Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 – we’ve provided some sample gameplay with commentary – enjoy!

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