In Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise – the teddy bears have decided against their annual picnic in favor of an island getaway. All the bears are in attendance: Cuddles, Twinkles, Trembles, Chubby, Goober, Pudding, Donner, and Blitzen. All except Naughty, who was not invited. Fortunately Naughty got wind of the event and, unbeknownst to the other bears, has stowed away on the exotic island vacation. Now rivers shall flow white with the fluff of Naughty’s enemies as he seeks his vengeance against those who would exclude him from the festivities.

Let’s clear something up about Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise right from the start: replacing blood with fluff does not make a game less violent. That being said, the combat and weapon specific executions especially are more satisfying than one would expect in this erroneously E 10 rated game. We are also treated to some lite stealth with our Naughty Bear action. Very lite. That is to say you can hide in the bushes and scare the crap out of unsuspecting enemies. It’s pretty funny actually.

At its core Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise seeks to tap into that addictive part of the gaming personality. The entirety of the game centers around the collection of things. Each time you catch a foe unaware you are presented with a choice: steal their costume or pull off a weapon specific execution move. Either way you’ll unlock that costume or weapon used in the store for purchase. Pair this with multiple level objectives and a tiered trophy award system and you’ve got a recipe for multiple trips through the many and repetitious missions. Repetition of repetition for the sake of collection. Repeating missions that aren’t dissimilar in the pursuit of acquisition. Not that every level being similar and the need to repeat them is a bad thing. That simply is what the game is. For a collector looking for a challenge Naughty Bear PIP is right up your alley. However if the repetition of the word repetition in this review is bothering you, then the repetition of repeating tasks in this game probably will as well.

Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise is a fun diversion for the casual player, a blast for the completist, and the bane of those who crave constant variety.

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