Nathan For You is a TV show on Comedy Central about a quirky guy named Nathan Fielder who convinces small business owners to let him run wild with his strange and bizarre promotional campaigns.  The show is mostly reality TV with a good portion of it scripted but there are funny moments to be had in both conception of the episodes and execution.


Shout Factory has put together a collection of Nathan For You Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD as a two disc set including bonus material.  The packaging, cover, extras and quality of the production are all top notch – you get the sense that Shout Factory is taking more care in their final releases as their library expands.

As a show Nathan For You isn’t for everyone — the tone of the host Nathan Fielder is very low-key.  There are no fast cuts and no music montages to push the action forward and sometimes listening to Nathan speak can be quite boring.  What is entertaining is the whacky promotional concepts that Nathan constructs and proposes to small business owners like serving up ‘poo’ flavored yogurt, having Santa Claus tell kids they are babies and our favorite the Haunted House that extends into a toxic outbreak scare.

Probably the biggest stand-out thing about Nathan For You is when he launched his ‘Dumb Starbucks‘ campaign which garnered International press but you get the sense that he’s cooking up even more broad ideas for the future.  The bonus features include audio commentary on a couple of episodes, extended clips from episodes and his short film ‘The Web‘ which is a hilarious parody.

We would recommend sampling some clips of the show online to see if this comedy style fits your interest but if it does the price of the collection is modest and definitely a wise investment!