Nano Ninjas iOS is sort of like Plants Vs Zombies with Ninjas facing Robot Samurai – it’s a tower defense game that looks similar but lacks most of the charm.

Nano Ninjas lets you stack your ninja warriors up against the left side of the screen where they fling Shurikens and other weapons at oncoming robot samurai and other baddies.  Instead of collecting sun or other charms to generate more heroes you have to meditate and wait for more points to accumulate before you can stock up on defenses.

At 8% into gameplay we felt like all was going well – we were getting new ninjas to help us in the fight and getting a feel for the game – unfortunately at 15% we were stuck and constantly frustrated at our inability to advance to the next level.  We played on the iPad and the graphics and sound effects came together well even if it felt like sort of a ‘discount’ game — it only cost a buck after all!

Overall Nano Ninjas is worth a look – however in order for the game to build any momentum it will need an update soon that nerfs the bad guys and makes it a little easier to progress in the game.  We expect to be STUCK at 85% into a game but not in the opening rounds.

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